The Prologue and the Promise

By Dakota Gardner


The painting you see above is called “The Prologue and the Promise,” and it was created by a man named Robert McCall. For years, it graced the exit of one of the most beloved attractions in the history of the Walt Disney World resort: Horizons.

The attraction, one of the headliners of Epcot’s Future World after its debut in 1983, shared with guests Walt Disney Imagineering’s vision for what the 21st century might look like. It presented an optimistic view of mankind — a future where we might leave at peace both on the Earth and above it.

I love this painting because it shows a kind of boundless optimism for humanity, connecting our past — warts and all — to a hopeful world of tomorrow. The clouds overhead of the slave-built pyramids of Giza give way, as the eye moves right, to the sun over a happy family and, eventually, the stars over a galactic civilization.

It inspires me to look at, and it inspired the name of this website — one which will house mostly writing about Disney, although it might potentially veer other places as well. Thanks for stopping by, and when you feel down, just take a look at that painting. It helps, I swear.

More information about Horizons

This video, from the incomparable "Martin" of Martin's Vids, is the best documentation of Horizons available online.